Alyssa is a graduate of The Theatre School at DePaul University with a BFA in Theatrical Sound Design and a minor in Sound Design for Computing and Digital Media, specifically in film and video games.

Alyssa has worked on many different projects that span across different sound fields such as theatre, film, video games, art installations, and museums-all of which has helped her be more versatile and creative.

Regardless of whichever sound field a project takes her, she finds storytelling to be the glue between the worlds of theatre, film and video games. She finds storytelling to be compelling and each field has a unique way of telling stories or sharing experiences. They are able to create worlds and can take an audience member out of their current world completely and fully immense them into something else entirely.

She hopes to be able to be in a position in which she can create sound as much as possible and not be limited to just one field. She finds that telling stories that are meaningful and impactful are the most exciting projects to be on. In her free time, she enjoys making jewelry and wood burn art.

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