The Women Eat Chocolate

Written By: Caroline Macon

Director: Heidi Stillman 

Scenic Design: Angela McIIvain

Costume Design: Courtney Rebecca Schum

Lighting Design: James Mitchell

Sound Design: Alyssa Kerr

Dramaturgy: Kaysie Bekkela

Stage Manager: Mario E. Wolfe

Photos by: Michael Brosilow

The Women Eat Chocolate was a new play which meant it was a whole new world that was untouched by anyone else. This made it exciting but also terrifying. You have nothing else to compare the show to. It is all original. I ended up composing original music for this show as nothing else would have quite fit. This gave me a chance to tailor the music and sound design in a way that I wouldn't have been able to if it was found music. 


As a design team, we wanted to make sure to tell the story from Alex's point of view. It was how she view her world and her reaction to things. This inspired me to focus on the emotional journey that Alex takes and how she changes throughout the play.

© 2018 by Alyssa Kerr Sound

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