Alice in Wonderland Jr.

Director: Brad Raimondo 

Musical Director: Zeek Smith 

Choreographer: Priscilla Hummel

Scenic Design: Megan Parker

Costume Design: Jordan Hermitt

Lighting Design: Bryan Tripptree

Sound Design: Alyssa Kerr

Stage Manager: Mackenzie Trowbridge

Photos by: Rachel Philipson

Alice in Wonderland Jr. was a musical that was for kids and performed by kids. As a design team, we had many challenges. At Hangar Theatre, the KidStuff Series is built on top of the existing MainStage that was going on at the same time.We had to transform the hunting lodge (which was the existing set) into Wonderland. We had additional challenges such as making sure everything was cohesive, finding creative crafts for the children to do, and keeping under budget.

As a design team, we had decided that Wonderland was a test of Alice's courage and perseverance. Wonderland was exciting but also dangerous and you never knew what was around the corner. This inspired me to create a soundscape that was eerie and unfamiliar, but also reflected the environment that she was in. In addition, there was a magical motif that corresponded with the Cheshires' entrance/exit, a cue for the eat me/drink me, and other cues that played in tandem with the music. 

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