Wizards on Ice

This was a capstone collegiate project in which I had sound designed and scored for a small video game project. I was inspired by the art in the video game. This led me to compose music that was very 8-bit but also had a tinge of coldness to it. When developing the character trigger shots, I had included their element into the sound to tailor the different sounds to the characters. 

Overall, this project was great in that it allowed me to be there from the conception to the finished end product. 

Producer: Amanda Bonacorso

Programmer: Dylan Cheng

Programmer: Dan Fernow

3D Artist: Niraun Kittivirya

VFX: Sam Nguyen

3D Artist: Tage Olsen

Concept Artist: Alex Scheithauer

Sound Design: Alyssa Kerr

© 2018 by Alyssa Kerr Sound

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