Augusta and Noble

Written By: Carlos Murillo

Director: Lisa Portes 

Scenic Design: Alyssa Mohn

Costume Design: Tia Nicole Lui

Lighting Design: Mattias Lange-McPherson

Sound Design: Alyssa Kerr

Dramaturgy: Hannah Greenspan

Stage Manager: Jonathan S. Campbell

Photos by: Michael Brosilow

For this production of Augusta and Noble, we were inspired by the concept of no borders and erasing them.

Through the sound design, I wanted to provide empathy and bridges between the characters on stage and the audience members. I wanted the audience to put themselves in Gabi's shoes and experience what living in her world was like. It was something that we felt strongly about as a design team especially during the current political climate at that time. We also wanted to be sure to keep to the culture as well as blur the lines between the dualities that we saw in the play such as dream world and real world, past and present, north side and west side. 

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