The Kid Who Ran for President 

This production ran during the same time as the election in 2016. In the first meeting, we had discuss wanting the show being a cool political rock environment in which a young person today would like to identify with. We wanted the show to be powerful, inspiring, vibrant, and hopeful. 

The original music that we received didn't speak to the environment that we wanted to invoke. I rearranged the music to fit with the design of the show more as well as make it more approachable to children. 

Director: Ernie Nolan 

Musical Director: Mark Elliott

Scenic Design: Christina Hubbard

Costume Design: Madison Breide

Lighting Design: Brian Suchocki

Arrangement/Sound Design: Alyssa Kerr

Projection Design: Morgan Madison 

Dramaturgy: Abigail Ogrentz

Stage Manager: Alexa Santiago

Photos by: Michael Brosilow

© 2018 by Alyssa Kerr Sound

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